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holohan's Irish Pantry

Fresh, Local ingredients. Authentic Irish recipes.


Almost opposite Queens University in the heart of Belfast's Queens quarter, our beautiful Grade 2 listed building provides the perfect setting in which to enjoy  a unique and relaxed dining experience, all based around great Irish produce.

Using classic recipes and warm hospitality, updated with modern cooking techniques and using the best local produce on offer, the chefs at Holohans produce food that is at the same time both nostalgic and contemporary. There is a real focus on locally sourced craft beer, ale and cider, and a great selection of unusual Irish whiskeys.

The aim at Holohans has always been to provide our own unique and relaxed brand of Irish Hospitality. This philosophy came to us from our family matriarch, Sheila Holohan, who provided us with the motto by which we still work today - “To invite guests into our restaurant as if it were our own home.”  In truth, this is a philosophy that has been present in the Irish psyche and culture for centuries.

With modern life accelerating at such a fast pace, we often forget that the most important part of hospitality is to be hospitable, something for which the Irish are renowned the world over. While informal and relaxed, the staff at Holohans consummate professionals, with a fantastic knowledge of our food, drinks and provenance. Many of the dishes on our menu have the weight of history behind them and have been passed on down many generations, some, such as boxty, coming directly from Sheila Holohan herself. While the Irish may not be known for their culinary heritage at a global level, our extensive research has revealed a treasure trove of cooking methods, recipes and techniques from the last three hundred years. From the peasant food of the west, born out of hardship and necessity giving us dishes like boxty (bacstaí or arán bocht tí - in Irish meaning 'poor-house bread') and Cráibechán, a type of savoury porridge,  to a more Anglicised, sophisticated food culture where spice and luxury ingredients were not uncommon in the larders of wealthier families.

Our goals are to provide and champion our particular style of food and service in a relaxed and comfortable setting. While we celebrate our cultural background and traditions, we do so without resorting to clichés and tropes. Our interpretation of  'Irishness' is the welcome, hospitality and the wealth of history contained within our menu.

At Holohans, we aim to work in a transparent and ethical manner, ranging from the treatment of the animals that provide our meat, to sourcing sustainable fish and using seasonal, locally grown fruit and vegetables. Fast becoming known around the world for the quality of our produce, our little island is becoming known as the larder of Europe and what better way to demonstrate and celebrate this then using Irish produce to cook Irish food. Holohans is the perfect place to enjoy this renaissance in Irish cuisine, and more than just food, we aim to provide a fantastic night out.

We hope to see you very soon!

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Tue-Sat: Lunch 12-4pm (Last Bookings 2.30pm)
Tue-Sat: Dinner 5-11pm (Last Bookings 9:30pm)
Sun: 1-9pm (Last Bookings 7:30pm)
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