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At Holohans we strive to provide an unforgettable dining experience. Hospitality is our key ingredient and we endeavour to treat our customers as we would guests in our own home. The Family brings their unique and diverse skill set together to form a team that embodies the hospitality and philosophy of Sheila Holohan, and we know she would have been proud of her legacy!

Calvin Holohan,Restaurant Manager

With a love of food and wine bordering on the obsessive, there was only ever one avenue open to a chap who has been talking about opening restaurants for over two decades. The successor to Sheila Holohans culinary legacy, Calvin has been working in the hospitality industry for over 15 years in every role imaginable, and still remembers sitting in Sheila’s pantry, devouring plates of boxty, soda breads, scones, cakes and other Irish treats with gusto!

Jane Holohan-Fearon,Proprietor/ Director

The current Matriarch of the family, Jane is the head of the Holohan clan, and the go-to woman for just about every problem that may arise both in and out of the restaurant. A great lover of Irish culture, food and good old fashioned hospitality, Jane embodies the best qualities for which the Irish are renowned, and is a pretty serious cook in her own right!

Derek Fearon,Restaurant Manager

As the army trained and self-professed ‘procurement officer,’ Derek ensures the smooth running of the restaurant, and can be seen charming guests from all over the world with his Dublin brogue and warm welcome, while maintaining the high standards of service for which Holohans have become renowned.

Pearse Holohan,Operations Manager

PearseHolohan is our current operations manager, recently arrived from Australia. Pearse has a background in accounting & law and spent the bulk of his early career working in various financial accounting roles in London. After a brief stay in the US he moved to settle in Australia in 1999. Pearse was Operations Manager & CFO in Australia for the large American Multinational Swagelok between 2003 & 2014.

Olivia Holohan,Hostess

Alan Burns,Bar Manager

Emir Holohan,Business Development Manager